Meeting next Wednesday!

June's meeting is fast approaching! We will be meeting next Wednesday (27th) in Owen 1026. Our very own Harry Taylor and Melody Bidwell will be presenting. Hope to see you all there. (At the time of writing this the weather is set to be 28 degrees so we will be decamping to a beer garden afterwards... Continue Reading →


Conference Success!!

Last week we held the second SHU Humanities Postgraduate Conference in the Students' Union. All who attended agreed that it was a roaring success. Here is a write up of the day's proceedings from Rachel Franklin and Thomas Price: Thursday, 31 May 2018 marked the second annual SHU Postgraduate Conference, this year focusing around the theme... Continue Reading →

April’s Meeting

We will be meeting this Wednesday (25 April) at 15.00 in Howard 5421. In a slightly unorthodox presentation, Joe will be talking about the clothes the Yorkshire miners wore in the early nineteenth century. Who would have thought that a study on protest and popular politics would lead to such an interesting discovery! Joe will... Continue Reading →

Question Wine!

Last night's Question Wine was a roaring success! Questions were asked, wine was drunk, and cheese was eaten.  A good time was had by all who attended.  Many thanks to Tom Price for organising. Watch this space for another Question Wine in the coming months!

PhD success!

Many congratulations to our English Literature PhD student Julia Podziewska who passed her viva with minor corrections on the 29 March 2018!

Tomorrow’s meeting

We will be meeting tomorrow at the usual time of 15.00 in Owen 944. Tom Price will be presenting on his research. Here's an abstract of his paper: '"Autism", a term coined by Kanner in 1943, derives from the Greek word "autos" meaning "self". Since then autism has been associated with the notion of being alone and,... Continue Reading →

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