February’s Rescheduled Postgraduate Forum Meeting, 4.00pm Unit 7

Last week we postponed Februrary's meeting, which will  now take place today in Unit 7 at the SHU Science Park. We will be seeing presentations from Rob Burgess and Karen Porter, as expected last week, and we will also be discussing next steps for the organisation of this year's Postgraduate Humanities Conference.


Empowered 2018: Call For Papers Deadline Extended to 16th March

We have extended the Call for Papers for this year's SHU Humanities Postgraduate Conference until 16th March. We are looking forward to another successful event with a diverse range of presentations across and between a vast range of disciplines and we would like to make it as jam-packed with interesting stuff as possible, so have... Continue Reading →

November Meeting tomorrow! 22nd November 2017

This month's meeting will take place tomorrow in the Norfolk building, in room 208. Following last month's IT tribulations, Joe Ondrak will finally be presenting his much-anticipated and heartbreakingly delayed paper on 'Creepypasta', digital folklore and postmodern storytelling.  His abstract is here. We may also have some MA presentation practice runs, although no-one has confirmed... Continue Reading →

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