Next meeting – 29 July 2015

At our next meeting on 29 July 2015 (location: Howard Building 5541 at 3pm), Rachel Franklin will be presenting parts of her PhD research on Salvador Dalí.  She will be discussing parallels between Dalí’s views of a tradition within art and TS Eliot’s notion of the ‘historical sense’ in order to investigate the ways in which a reading of Eliot can help us to explore Dalí’s stance on aesthetics and cultural renewal.

Rachel Franklin is a PhD student at Sheffield Hallam University focusing on the representation of cultural renewal on the edges of Surrealism. She looks in particular at the written works of Salvador Dalí and Leonora Carrington. A brief outline of her work can be found here.

She has presented papers at such high profile conferences as BAMS Modernism Now! (University of London, June 2014) and Representations of Modernity: 1850-1960 (University of Plymouth, November 2013).

Follow her on Twitter: @Academic_Rachel