Happy New (Academic) Year

It is indeed already September, and new people will soon be joining us. This is just a brief update, a notice to let everyone know that there is someone on here bringing our web presence out of dormancy, and that there were some thoughts to share in the aftermath of our conference in June (to... Continue Reading →


Pre-conference Postgrad Group

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 24th May, 15.00-17.00, room TBA. This will be the last meeting before the conference, so we'll be using the time to allow people to practice and discuss elements of their papers. If you're presenting at the conference and would like to get in some practice or get feedback... Continue Reading →


6.10.2016 - CONGRATS! Belated congratulations to former group member Dr. Ben Wilkinson who is now a Lecturer in English at the University of Bolton!


Sheffield Hallam University History Postgraduate Research Students’ Annual Conference 2016 22 May 2016 reported by Julia Podziewska from left to right Rachel Franklin, Steven Burke, Adam Gilbert, Karen Porter, Alan Malpass, Richard Taylor, Geoff Eley, Michael O’Donnell, Bruce Collins, Robbie Aitken. Leading academics and PhD research students from History and English Literature gathered at the... Continue Reading →

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