February’s Meeting: Presentations from Rob Burgess and Karen Porter

We will be meeting tomorrow at the usual time of 3.00pm in Howard 5422. We will hear from both Rob Burgess and Karen Porter, giving versions of papers they plan to give at conferences soon, and looking for your constructive feedback and supportive comments. It should prove to be a jam-packed and lively session, with... Continue Reading →


First Meeting of 2018, Wednesday 21st January, 3-5pm in Surrey 5507

A belated Happy New Year and all that. Our first Humanities Postgraduate Forum meeting will take place this Wednesday at 3.00pm in Surrey 5507. Harry Taylor will be presenting to us under the title of 'Sex, Lies and Revolutions: British Media Representations of the Spanish Civil War'. Here is his abstract: This paper examines the... Continue Reading →

November Meeting tomorrow! 22nd November 2017

This month's meeting will take place tomorrow in the Norfolk building, in room 208. Following last month's IT tribulations, Joe Ondrak will finally be presenting his much-anticipated and heartbreakingly delayed paper on 'Creepypasta', digital folklore and postmodern storytelling.  His abstract is here. We may also have some MA presentation practice runs, although no-one has confirmed... Continue Reading →

Happy New (Academic) Year

It is indeed already September, and new people will soon be joining us. This is just a brief update, a notice to let everyone know that there is someone on here bringing our web presence out of dormancy, and that there were some thoughts to share in the aftermath of our conference in June (to... Continue Reading →

Pre-conference Postgrad Group

Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 24th May, 15.00-17.00, room TBA. This will be the last meeting before the conference, so we'll be using the time to allow people to practice and discuss elements of their papers. If you're presenting at the conference and would like to get in some practice or get feedback... Continue Reading →

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